2024 What Does a Glendale Employment Attorney Do?

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Under state and federal law, workers in California cannot be discriminated against, harassed, or unlawfully terminated. If a boss, co-worker, or supervisor violates your protected rights, you may be entitled to monetary compensation and other forms of legal relief. Filing and winning those civil cases requires the skills of an experienced employment attorney.

What Does a Glendale Employment Attorney Do?

Employment law is a specific field within the much broader practice of law. Working with an employment attorney is vital if your rights as an employee have been violated, as they will already be familiar with relevant employment regulations. There are many federal, state, and local laws and statutes that deal exclusively with worker’s rights.

Historically, many people in this country faced workplace discrimination based on factors that had nothing to do with work performance. The protections at the national and local levels are intended to allow every American and resident worker to be and feel safe and protected while they are at work.

Protecting the rights of workers and enforcing existing laws often requires active litigation by an experienced employment attorney who understands the laws and court system. One important job performed by an employment attorney is to meet with workers who believe their rights have been violated. During that consultation, your employment lawyer will look for evidence that you have a valid wage violation, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or other work-related claim.

If there is enough evidence to proceed with a case, your employment attorney will file a claim on your behalf or take other legal action to protect your rights.  In some cases, having legal representation can resolve the issue by letting the other side know that your complaint should be addressed immediately. In other cases, your employment attorney can file complaints with a government agency on your behalf. If needed, your lawyer can file a claim that could lead to you being awarded monetary damages.

What Types of Cases Does a Glendale Employment Attorney Handle?

One common type of case that your Glendale employment attorney will handle includes wage and hour disputes. The State of California and even individual cities have strict minimum wage guidelines that every employer must follow. Overtime allowances must be given to workers who put in more than 40 hours per week or eight hours in a day. Any time put in past 40 hours within one week must be reimbursed by the employer at 1.5 times the typical hourly wage.

Contract agreements are enforceable through the work of an employment attorney. For example, a worker who is contractually owed bonuses, commissions, and other forms of compensation cannot be denied those payments. Even when certain expectations are detailed in a contract, employers may try to subvert those agreements. This is where an experienced employment lawyer can help.

Another common workplace violation is wrongful termination. No worker can be legally fired for engaging in a protected activity. Reporting illegal activity at a workplace, for example, cannot lead to the whistleblower facing retaliation, demotion, or termination. In other cases, a worker can claim wrongful termination due to breach of contract.

Sometimes, bosses make knee-jerk decisions without carefully considering the details of their contracts with workers. These violations can be corrected through civil litigation that can lead to the worker being reinstated, awarded monetary damages, or both.


Q: What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Local Attorney?

A: Anyone licensed in the State of California could represent you in your employment case, but there are setbacks to working with long-distance legal counsel. For one, being able to meet in person has benefits. When your attorney does have to show up for a court hearing on your behalf, you will have to pay for their time driving to and from the court. Lastly, there are benefits to having an attorney who understands the court system in Glendale and personally knows other attorneys and judges in your community.

Q: How Much Do Employment Lawyers Make in California?

A: Attorneys across the country generally earn anywhere from $150 to $400 per hour, although some earn much more than that. Lawyers who have more experience and professional success charge more than new and less experienced attorneys. In the legal profession, the adage that you get what you pay for is often true. Considering the potential monetary damages that can be awarded in an employment case, working with an experienced attorney should be considered an investment.

Q: What Are My Rights as an Employee in California?

A: As an employee in California, you have the right to work free from discrimination based on a protected characteristic. This means that no boss or co-worker can harass, malign, or intimidate you based on your race, age, gender, or other protected characteristic. You have the right to work in a safe environment. Workers are guaranteed minimum wage earnings and guaranteed overtime pay. If you have questions about all your enumerated rights, our Glendale employment attorney can explain your worker rights in detail.

Q: How Long Do You Have to File a Claim Against Your Employer in California?

A: Depending on the type of claim you are seeking to file, the time limit for filing could be anywhere from one to four years. Most claims for work-related violations must be filed within two years from the time of the most recent violation. Once this window has closed, you could lose your ability to file a claim.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Your Employee Rights

Any violation of your employment rights is a serious matter. There are local, state, and federal protections in place because every employee has the right to work free from harassment and discrimination. Even with these strong protections in place, employers frequently violate the rights of their workers. This is where the legal services of a Glendale employment attorney can help.

The legal team at MM Law represents clients in employment discrimination cases and other situations where a worker’s rights have been violated. We use a client-focused approach, learning as much as possible about each case, to meet the unique needs of our valued clients. Contact our office today to learn what steps can be taken to address any workplace violations that you have experienced.

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